KWS Payment system FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the Mpesa mode of payment introduced allow USD?

    The Mpesa mode of payment introduced does not allow US Dollars. It only uses Kenya shillings. We however have other options of payment that allow you to use US dollars

  2. Will KWS turn visitors away if they carry cash as a payment mode?

    We encourage visitors to adopt cashless mode of payment. KWS in the adoption of technology to meet customer needs on easier and faster accessibility to KWS parks, has implemented cashless payment modes which will lead to ultimately better services to customers and stakeholders

  3. What are your exchange rates now that payment can be done via Mpesa?

    This will be provided at our gates by our customer service staff. The Mpesa mode of payment only allows Kenyan shillings

  4. Does this mean we shall be paying on local currency?

    M-pesa will be used for local currency as an option while the other provided modes of payment will allow other currencies

  5. Which are the acceptable Visa Cards?

    All visa cards are acceptable

  6. Which is the Mpesa Paybill regular number for a client to use at point of entry into the respective parks?

    This will be provided at every gate. Each park has its own Pay bill number which will be provided at the point of access.

  7. For non-residence will the payments be in USD?

    Yes Non-residents will pay in US Dollars. KWS dollar account numbers have been provided at

  8. Will it be mandatory to pay via Visa Card only or one has to load up Kshs into Mpesa as an alternative option?

    We have put in place numerous cashless mode of payment listed as Mpesa, Visa Card, Corporate Cheques and direct deposits to the KWS bank accounts.

  9. If depositing directly to the bank account, does it mean that a client has to deposit the money prior to heading to the park/reserve?

    Yes. A client will pay prior to visiting the park and produce the banking slip as evidence before entry into the park