Nairobi National Park Logo Competition


Nairobi National Park, Kenya’s oldest conservation area, was elevated to a National Park status on 16 th December 1946. Nairobi National Park is the only wildlife Park located on the doorstep of a Capital City, Nairobi. The Park is one of the world’s most diverse and fascinating protected wilderness areas and is home to a diversity of wildlife and habitat which is a remarkable demonstration of Kenya’s ecological wonder. The Park hosts more than 100 mammal species, 400 bird species, plains, forest, tree-lined water courses and deep rocky gorges. For millions of people, a visit to the park is their first experience of seeing lion, leopard, buffalo, giraffe, and rhino in a natural setting. For these reasons, it’s the jewel in the crown of Kenya’s national park system.

By international standards, Nairobi National Park is a relatively small park of 29,250 acres (117KM 2 ) but its size bellies its importance (almost one sixth of Nairobi’s metropolitan area). The park is the lungs of the city providing vital ecosystem services (water catchment, fresh air, climate change mitigation etc) to its populace. It is also a renowned education and research hub for diverse groups of people from kindergarten learners to university professors.

The park is a popular outdoor and recreational facility for families and corporates who have loyally visited the beloved famous lions from Lulu, Dickens, Johns and Makora in 1940’s to Cheru, Sam, Neema, Kemboi and Sirkoi in 2020 – 74 years’ experience. The park is truly resilient. The Kenya Parks Initiative is a programme which aims at revamping and innovating the wildlife resource based on informed science to attain ecological integrity as well as meet changing customer preferences. The initiative seeks to give parks a superior value thereby differentiating them from competitors in the provision of safari experience. Nairobi National Park, the face of Kenya’s wildlife conservation resolve, has been selected to set the pace in the transformation journey of Kenya’s National Parks.

Target Audience

This park attracts both the domestic (Kenyans) and the international markets, especially those with disposable income (ABC1), adventurous, outdoor enthusiasts and want to connect with nature conservation.

Key Preposition

The jewel and heritage of the green city in the sun.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • “The World’s Only National Park in a Capital City’’
  • The city backdrop with diverse wildlife
  • Accessibility “ Stone-throw away from the CBD”
  • World acclaimed conservation site – Ivory Burning Site
  • Famous Lions
  • A loyal fan base
  • A successful rhino sanctuary
  • Elephant Orphanage – Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • Photography haven

Tone of the Voice

Artistic, futuristic, memorable, emotional and evokes a sense of pride and joy.


  • 3 Logo designs with rationale
  • 3 taglines
  • Brand colours


The three shortlisted winners will be announced on the KWS website and social media platforms. The selected winning logo will be awarded in order of merit as follows:

  1. First position - KShs. 150,000.00
  2. Second position - KShs. 100,000.00
  3. Third position - KShs. 50,000.00


The following are the guidelines and rules of engagement for the competition:

  1. The design be submitted in:
    • Black and white in six (6) hard copies on A4 size paper.
    • High resolution colour in six (6) hard copies on A4 size paper.
    • In printable soft copy in PDF or JPEG in readable format;
  2. The logo must be clear and distinctly identifiable for effective application on all Park materials, instruments, website and social media platforms.
  3. Entrants are free to identify and apply possible colours for the park
  4. The submitted logo should be accompanied by a brief written description of all applied features, connotations and such significant inspirations;
  5. Entrants should provide their full official names, physical address, email and daytime telephone numbers;
  6. The Park reserves the exclusive right to modify the winning logo;
  7. Any material, graphic software or other items accompanying the submitted design shall belong to, and remain the property of the Park
  8. The participants agree to indemnify the Park from any losses and threatened losses arising from, in connection with or based on allegations of any third party claim of infringement or misappropriation of any intellectual property rights;
  9. The judges’ decision is final and not open to any correspondence or appeal, whatsoever.
  10. KWS Staff are not eligible to participate in the competition

Submissions of the creative designs

The designs should be hand-delivered or posted in presentable plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked “Nairobi National Park Logo Design Competition” on or before 13 th February, 2020 by 10.00 am to the address below:

Director General
Kenya Wildlife Service
P.O. Box 40241-00100, NAIROBI
Langata Road

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