Date Published:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 - 11:45

Twenty four sets of baboon-proof bins have been donated by Roto Moulders Limited to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). The new bins were designed following an inquiry made by KWS for a possible solution to secure litter bins within Nairobi National Park to make them impenetrable by baboons.

The new bins are not only baboon-proof but also encourage rubbish separation, admirable in today’s recycling mindset and in line with KWS conservation mission. Each set of bins comes in three components.

They are supported by a metal frame for support to avoid baboons from knocking them over. Each component is differently coloured to help distinguish litter. The green colored components are for bio-degradable items, the blue components are for polythenes and plastics and finally, the black components are for glass and metallic items.

These unique bins have proved to be effective as they have a special design that prevents the primates from accessing their contents. National parks in Africa have suffered a recurrent problem of baboons tampering with litter bins in their search for food and leaving the contents scattered all over.

The baboons’ agility and speed makes it difficult to monitor the bins. As a result, their actions go against conservation efforts that are highly observed in parks hence the newly designed bins.

The total cost of the process was Sh1 million. The bins were installed as part of Roto Tanks corporate social responsibility after a recent clean-up of the park. Roto Tanks plans to install similar bins in other parks and reserves and hotels within parks.

Roto Moulders Limited mainly deals with products related to water and sanitation. They produce an array of items but are popularly identified with their water storage tanks which hold water capacities ranging from 100liters upto 24,000litres.

Other than the tanks, , they make plastic bins, cooler boxes, trays, flower packets, basins, biogas digesters, toilet huts, security guards huts, pit slabs among other commodities.

KWS has an account with Roto Tanks through a special arrangement with Kenya Wildlife Service Sacco (KEWISCO), which gives members registered with the Sacco discounts on products.