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Shoot out with Poachers

Date Published: 07 Jan, 2010
Shoot out with Poachers

Elephants are among the most targeted species by poachers

Kenya Wildlife Service officers shot dead two members of a gang in an ambush at Kubihoke area of Igembe North District at around 2000hrs, on 5 thJanuary 2010.  The officers had been following a report  on a gang poaching elephants around the Moliti, Kubisera and Kubihoke areas.  The gang consisted of 4 members. They were armed with one G3 rifle, one AK 47 rifle and one. KWS suspects it is the same gang that had attacked and shot dead one KWS ranger on the night of 25 December 2009, near Banane in Garbatula District.

Following the 25th December shooting incident, KWS rangers were deployed to follow up on the gang’s movement. The KWS team visited a Boma where the gang had forcefully taken some food supplies. Following a tip off, the KWS team came upon their hide-out where Zebra meat and other belongings were found.  An ambush was then set up, leading to the shoot-out, during which two poachers were gunned down, while two escaped with injuries. The G3 rifle and 12 rounds of ammunition were recovered. One ID and one waiting card were also recovered from the deceased. Security officers are pursuing those who escaped.

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