Call for Partnership in Endangered Species Recovery Programs for the Roan, Sable and and Mt. Bongo Antelopes

Date Published:

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 15:15

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) was established by an Act of Parliament, the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act (CAP 376) No. 16 of 1989, with the overall mandate to conserve and manage wildlife in Kenya, now repealed to Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013.

The Wildlife Conservation and Management Act (WCMA, 2013), mandates KWS in partnership with stakeholders to conserve wildlife wherever they occur. Section 49 of the WCMA, 2013 recommends that KWS, in liaison with stakeholders should develop and implement recovery plans for the conservation and management of the species listed under the Seventh Schedule (i.e. rare, endangered and threatened species).

To achieve its mandate, KWS is calling for partnership in implementation of in situ actions targeted towards recovery of 3 antelope species whose numbers and range have significantly declined in the past three decades. These are;

  1. Roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus langheldi) with the only remnant population being found in Ruma National Park

  2. Sable antelope (Hippotragus niger roosevelti) whose range is localized to Shimba Hills National Reserve

  3. Eastern Mountain Bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci) with remnant wild populations being found in Aberdare, certain sections of Mt. Kenya, Eburu and Maasai Mau Forests, and a captive population at Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

For more details on the partnership, kindly contact the Director Research (