Date Published: 05 Oct, 2009

Kenya Wildlife Service employees  raised KSh1, 074, 000 (US$14,500) at an impromptu fundraising towards the Endowment Fund for wildlife. The employees made personal contributions during an annual wardens’ and scientists’ conference in Nakuru Town.The fund seeks to raise Sh7.5 billion (US$100 million) over 10 years to enable conserve Kenya’s wildlife through challenges of climate change, drought, changing land use and high population growth. The fund is also meant to cushion wildlife conservation from over-reliance on volatile tourism trends.
The kitty will support wildlife and community conservation efforts for generations to come. The money will be used for security operations, research and monitoring, translocations, infrastructure, conservation education and other conservation requirements.So far Sh22, 000,000 (US$ 293,000) has been raised for the fund. This includes Sh20 million set aside by the Kenya Wildlife Service, Sh380,000 from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Sh496,750 from the Cycle with the Rhino, Dr Scott Rogers Sh12,500.
Expected contributors to the fund include the Kenyan government, bilateral donors, visitors, foundations, private companies and concerned Kenyans. A new dynamic website to be launched within the next couple of weeks has a provision for online donations as well as social media.