Anyone up for a day trip? Buckle up, come let’s cruise it down the KWS way! Tucked deep into the floor of the Great Rift Valley of Naivasha’s dusty town, Hells Gate National Park provides the ideal fun in the wild experience across all markets and age groups. Its convenient proximity, about 100km north-west of Nairobi, coupled with an excellent road network from Kenya’s capital makes it a great out of town adventure. Sprawling just 68 sq. km, the Park offers more than its size. From panoramic picnic sites, spectacular scenic views, abundant flora and fauna, towering cliffs, water gouged gorges, geothermal steams from Olkaria Geothermal power station located inside the park south-west of Naivasha, the park is a bundle of fun waiting to be explored.

In a nutshell, the Great Rift outdoors offer Rock climbing, Game viewing, Hiking, Gorge walks, Cycling/biking, Team building grounds, Picnicking, Wedding venues, Corporate events/product launch venues, hot springs from the Olkaria geothermal power station and Camping – With a well-equipped sheltered area, shower rooms, water and pit latrines.

The Park is largely characterized by diverse topography and geological rock formations. It is home to the lammergeyer, the largest and rare Eurasian bird of prey. Branded “A walk on the wild side’’ Hells Gate National Park allows walking and cycling activities guided by KWS security on the sprawling grasslands with well-maintained dust roads. The fact that the Park teems with hundreds of wild flora and fauna makes it ideal for game drives. Animals to see include; Zebra, eland, giraffe, buffalo, serval cat, hartebeest, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelle, klipspringer, antelope, lion, leopard and so much more. With an incredible record of over 103 bird species, the destination is ideal for bird lovers. A keen visitor is expected to spot not less than 25 different bird species in just a single day. The massive rock cliffs shelter thousands of unique insects and reptiles. The rock shelters also act as breeding grounds for most small animals.

You will not boast of having done bird identification if you have not perched your feet in the Mervyns Carnelley Raptor Hide. This is a unique bird viewing hide that incorporates a one-way window which allows visitors to view and take photos of the huge birds of prey at close proximity. The hide is located just above Endachata campsite.

Adrenaline will remain to be just another grey area if you do not flex your muscles as you hoist yourself up the magnificent 25 meters tall Fischer’s Tower. Standing tall, the tower is a rugged mass of rock that is a remnant of the ancient volcano and named after a German explorer Gustav Fischer who visited in 1883. The rock offers a great climbing experience. The local Maasai community folklores allege that the rock is a figure of a chief’s daughter who turned around against the dictates of the Maa tradition to take one last look at her father’s compound before leaving to get married. There’s so much to learn about the rich Maasai culture from the Maasai people who live around the peripheries of the Park.

All in a day’s work!

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