Date Published:

Friday, March 22, 2019 - 19:30

The new Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Director General Brig. (Rtd.) John Waweru has urged the staff to exercise professionalism, teamwork, and dedication in their work. Speaking when he was introduced to staff during the weekly Director’s Tea last week, the DG said the entire Service system would crumble if any of the cogs which make up KWS staff failed to pull their weight.

Brigadier (Rtd.) Waweru took to the podium to a hearty ‘Clap of Hope,’ from all staff.   He said that his being picked by the President was humbling, adding that he had done 36 years of public service.

He warned that anyone who attempted to pull in the opposite direction would have to be let go, and that his intention was to restore KWS back to its former glory. The DG said there were going to be a few changes – not necessarily bad ones – over the coming months and years.

The DG wondered who amongst staff could be unsure of what needs to be done to get things right, because he expected all staff to focus on their bit, which is implementation. He said it would be regrettable to lose any staff in the journey to a new KWS, because he knew them to be a good team from the briefs he has been given.

He assured staff that he would endeavour to talk to them weekly in effort to get to know them better, wishing God’s blessings on KWS and her staff.

The Chair of KWS Board of Trustees, Dr. John Waithaka, expressed gratitude at the opportunity to be part of the gathering assembled to introduce the new DG.

He explained that the Brigadier (Rtd.) was appointed through an Executive Order, which has a strong force in law, noting that the President was striving to stabilize Kenya by fighting corruption, inefficiency and other bottlenecks bringing our country down, and in these endeavours, had also focused on KWS.  

He pointed out that some staff issues had been satisfactorily settled, saying there remains much more to be done for KWS, which has not had a substantive DG for a long time. Hence the President’s decision to appoint a leader and administrator with a good track record, as outlined in his CV, and apparent in their interactions over the past week.

Dr. Waithaka said  the KWS Strategic Plan for the next five years would be finalized in the next three weeks. Those doing the right thing were assured of protection while the outgoing acting DG Prof. Charles Musyoki would be appointed to a substantive position, because of his wisdom and passion for his work.

In his brief address to the staff, Prof. Musyoki thanked all staff for their support, which resulted in much achievement in a short period of time. He exhorted them to show the same support to the incoming DG.

Addressing the new DG, Prof. Musyoki said that employees had huge potential to make things work for this country, further saying that KWS employees are civil, supportive and will go the extra mile to get things done.

The introductory session ended with a prayer for the new DG, conducted by Rev. Jacob Gatumu from the Welfare Section.