Sirimon Cottage

Banda Availability

Sirimon Cottage


The terms and conditions below are applicable to the KWS staff and external clients/ guests.

Booking Policy

  1. For bookings made more than 7 days in advance, a deposit of 50% should be paid within 72 hours for the booking to be confirmed.
  2. The balance should be paid at least 7 days before the day of use.
  3. Unconfirmed bookings will be allocated to those clients in the waiting list.
  4. Full payment will be required for any booking made within 7 or less days
  5. If the number of Non-Residents equals or is higher than that of Residents, Non Resident fee applies
  6. Mode of payments:
    1. Payment to HQs cash office
    2. Payment to Park/Reserve cash office
    3. Payments to KWS bank collection accounts
    4. Payment to KWS through the Mpesa pay bill number

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation by the client will be charged a cancellation fee as below;



Time of cancellation

Cancellation fee per unit


31- 60 days

25% of the deposit


15- 30 days

50% of deposit


14-7 days

75% of deposit


0-7 days

100 % of the total accommodation fee



100 % of the total accommodation fee



Processing of Refund

Client requests for a refund in writing and attach the original receipt of the payment

Marketing & Business Development shall ascertain that the client did not utilize the service/facility and request Finance in writing to process refund

Finance shall process the refund to the client in accordance with the cancellation policy and the refund process takes two weeks.


A description of this unit type.: 
Set in alpine pastures on the edge of a forested ravine, Batian guesthouse and Sirimon bandas are located at the foot of Mount Kenya with an impressive landscape including over 800 plant species and a diverse range of wildlife. Park highlights include: the famous Mount Kenya.One can also view the following Wildlife:buffalo, colobus monkey, leopard, water buck elephant, hyena, baboon.



Boarding Basis

Bird watching
Mountain Climbing



Resident Price

4,000.00 KES
2 x Bedroom
  • From the town of Nanyuki travel 25km north on the Nanyuki - Meru road, Sirimon Gate is singposted to your right. The bandas are at Sirimon Gate 9km off the Nanyuki-Meru highway.