Date Published:

Saturday, June 3, 2023 - 22:00

Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) donated an assortment of equipment to KWS on June 2, 2023 at the KWS headquarters in Nairobi.

KWS Acting Director General, Dr. Erustus Kanga expressed his gratitude for the continued and unwavering support afforded to the Service by WWF. He lauded the decades-long collaboration between KWS and WWF, saying conservation in Kenya is made more successful by the pillars of conservation, collaboration, enterprise, and finding sustainable ways of connecting people, nature and economy.

The Director General stated that cases of human-wildlife conflict need special attention saying the lion lights donated by WWF will be strategically placed near manyattas to help keep away the predators from the homesteads. Dr. Kanga called for strong and collaborative efforts towards combating the human-wildlife conflict menace.

The donations, which included Personal Access Communicators (PACs) will help KWS to better monitor and protect the country's wildlife in the parks. With the added surveillance, the organization hopes to better protect wildlife and their habitats.

WWF Programme Manager Biodiversity, Research and Innovation Dr. Yusuf Wato, expressed WWF’s desire for continuous collaboration for the sake of Kenya’s biodiversity conservation, stating that the donations will facilitate KWS personnel to quickly and efficiently report on outbreaks of poaching, track animals and contact or communicate with other colleagues in the event of an emergency. The PACs and GPS-enabled devices will also provide a platform to document data, such as the number of wildlife sightings, and the geographic distribution of protected species.

Dr. Wato expressed WWF’s commitment to continued partnership with KWS to enhance conservation efforts in Kenya, and ensuring healthy and safe ecosystems for posterity. He affirming his organisation’s willingness to continue strategizing together with KWS to mobilize conservation resources.

The donations, included cameras, lion-deterrent lights, laptops and desktop computers, binoculars, projectors and tracking devices,

The donations presentation was also witnessed by KWS senior managers and WWF Lion programme coordinator Dr.Francis Lesilau.