Award Year:
August, 2012

KWS uses Organization Performance Index (OPI) as an excellence model that has enabled us develop world class processes thus improving our Business Model. It has enabled us to focus Existence, Implementation and Results (EIR) which is a key element of OPI.We have 10 trained OPI champions who are responsible for implementation of feedback on the determinants in their respective areas.OPI consultants always gives us feedback on our performance. The teams meet regularly to look at the feedback and implement the recommendations.Our initial participation in COYA was in 2007 where we won one award for Environment Management-Service sector category. In 2008 we Won Leadership and management practices and Won the 1st Runner-up CEO of the year. In 2009 we won the Leadership Practice and Corporate Governance practices1st runner-up manager of the year and Overall CEO of the year. In 2010 we won the Human resource focus, Corporate Citizenship and Environment,2nd runner-up Company of the year,2nd runner-up Leadership and Management,2nd runner-up Human Resource Focus, Overall best in Corporate Citizenship and Environment Focus. In 2011 and 2012 we won the Overall best in Corporate Citizenship and Environment Focus